The Mason Care Network provides full-time, professional Success Coaches for incoming students at George Mason University. Success Coaching is different from academic advising as it provides multiple layers of holistic support for students pursuing higher education. MCN’s Success Coaches guide and encourage the growth and development of each student’s knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs about their ability succeed in higher education as well as within their chosen field. MCN’s Success Coaches will discuss all aspects of a student’s life that impacts their academic performance, including but not limited to the following eight focus areas:


  1. School Community 
  2. Effectiveness 
  3. Commitment to graduation 
  4. Career 
  5. Managing commitments 
  6. Finances 
  7. Health & support  
  8. Academics


The Mason Care Networks highly trained Success Coaches will meet with students to discuss, in depth, these eight focus areas and how they are influencing their student experience at GMU. Success Coaches will work closely with campus resources, Academic Advisors, and the student directly to develop success plans to enhance and improve a student’s performance and confidence in each of these eight focus areas.



Our professional Success Coaches are here to provide one-on-one support and guidance to freshman and exploratory students in a variety of focus areas. Improving a student’s experience in school can have lifelong impacts on the student, their family, their community, and society at large.  

Success Coaches provide resources, support, guidance, and critical problem-solving discussions to help encourage students to find their major fit and pursue their academic and professional goals. With the support and guidance of their assigned Success Coach, students can define what “success” means for them.



Our mission is to provide our students with the most accurate and timely information as it pertains to their academic success. All of our Success Coaches are well versed in the many majors and minors that Mason has to offer as well as academic policies and procedures that can impact a student’s success. 


Success Coaches are always happy to meet with their students either through scheduled appointments or via walk-in hours and encourage students to meet with their Success Coach at least once per semester. The most successful students will meet with their Success Coach 2-3 times per semester.


  • All incoming freshmen
  • Those with majors listed as Exploratory (students admitted before Fall 2019 will be listed as Undeclared-no preference) 
  • Those who are considering changing their major 
  • Undergraduate non-degree seeking students