What is coaching?

Success Coaching helps students transition to college, make the most of their student experience, and work through their own definition of success while at Mason.

What is the role of a Success Coach?

The Success Coaches help students identify resources to enhance their Patriot experiences. Coaches work with students to help them develop and implement personal, career, and academic goals. We provide support and encouragement to help students continue writing their story while at Mason. Success Coaches will discuss all aspects of a student’s life that affects their overall well-being, including but not limited to the following nine focus areas.

Focus Areas

Students who meet and engage with their Success Coach are more likely to…

  • Graduate
  • Establish and act toward achieving goals
  • Become more self-reliant
  • Gain more college and life satisfaction
  • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions & commitments
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Learn critical problem-solving skills

Top 5 Things Students Should Know About Coaching

  1. Students have an assigned Success Coach to help them throughout their journey at Mason; not just in their first year
  2. Students should meet with their Success Coach at least 2 times a semester
  3. Success Coaches are resources to help students achieve their personal, academic, and career goals
  4. Success Coaches are SUPER accessible and offer coaching 8am – 6pm Monday – Thursday, and 8am – 5pm Friday
  5. Success Coaches offer virtual and in-person services to meet the needs of all of our students